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Do you have an event which could benefit from association with companies that compliment your brand, along with the revenues that sponsorship can deliver?

We have over 10 years experience in matching travel businesses with their target audiences in an identifiable and cost effective way.

For travel businesses event sponsorship remains a powerful marketing tool in new customer acquisition, providing sponsors with direct face to face access with both existing and potential clients.

From private industry dinners, large scale conferences, awards events to road shows, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver for you; having worked on many successful travel industry events we recognise that it is attention to detail that can turn a good event into a really great event.

Travega offers a one stop shop for companies looking to organise an event, from venue selection, identifying and sourcing guest speakers, delegate recruitment, to sponsorship sales…just some of the many key aspects of organising a great event we can deliver for you.

With the extensive network of associates that one would form from being in the industry for over 20 years Travega are well connected. Collaborating with other complimentary brands and companies is often an ideal solution for all concerned in that it delivers a very powerful message to the client, can reduce costs and spread the impact.

Travega have worked on many projects of this nature and would be happy to discuss possible alliances with you.

Travega have a strong pedigree within the sporting market and know how sports events can work for your business. So if your business is thinking of organising a sporting event for clients, customers or staff of any type we can help.

So whether it is golf, football, tennis, yachting or indeed any sport we have winning formulae at hand to make it an event to remember!

Travega Managing Director Giles Harper is an experienced Event Moderator, Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer, having moderated a number of high profile industry conferences, including the annual Guild of Travel Management Companies conference in London, and the Co-operative Travel Consortium Conference in Manchester to list just a few.

With over 20 years industry knowledge and understanding Travega are pleased to offer this service to travel associations, travel consortiums and travel businesses, both business and leisure.

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